Carson Wentz Continues to Wait for an Opportunity as an NFL Quarterback


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Quarterback Carson Wentz, the second overall pick in the 2016 draft and a former league MVP candidate, remains unemployed and eagerly awaits a new opportunity in the NFL. Despite his prime years and impressive skills, Wentz has yet to sign with a team, leaving many wondering why.

Working Out with Reminders of His Journey

According to a report by, Wentz has been staying active and working out while sporting a unique ensemble that represents his football journey. He can be seen wearing an Eagles helmet, a Commanders practice jersey, and Colts shorts. These visible reminders symbolize the three teams he has been associated with throughout his career.

Moving on From the Eagles

After spending five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz was traded twice. In 2021, he was initially sent to the Indianapolis Colts. However, his time with the Colts was short-lived, as he landed with the Commanders in 2022. Unfortunately, Washington cut him earlier this year, leaving him without a team.

Open to Starter or Backup Roles

Back in May, Wentz’s camp released a statement revealing that he is open to both starter and backup roles. However, his desire to be a potential starter might be hindering his chances of landing a backup position. Similar to other quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick, Wentz’s unwillingness to accept a supporting role could be limiting the opportunities available to him.

The Importance of Contentment for Backup Quarterbacks

As teams enter training camp and preseason games, they are looking for backup quarterbacks who are content with their role. Having a player who believes they should have a shot at becoming the starter can create disruptions within the team dynamic. Therefore, Wentz’s aspirations of reclaiming a starting position might be working against him in his search for a new team.

Concerns about Wentz as a Teammate

On top of his desires for a starting role, persistent concerns have been raised regarding Wentz’s ability to be a good teammate. These concerns first emerged during his time with the Eagles, making it essential for Wentz to establish positive relationships with his peers, including the starting quarterback, when taking on a backup role.

Despite the challenges he currently faces, Wentz doesn’t need sympathy. After his early success in the NFL, he secured a lucrative four-year, $128 million contract extension with the Eagles. Although he has earned substantial money throughout his career, Wentz may need to adjust his expectations and consider whatever opportunities come his way in the future.

Key Takeaway:

Carson Wentz, the former league MVP candidate, remains unsigned in the NFL.
– He has been working out with visible reminders of the teams he has been associated with.
– Wentz’s aspirations of being a starter could be hindering his chances of landing a backup role.
– Backup quarterbacks who are content with their role are highly sought after by teams.
– Concerns about Wentz’s ability to be a good teammate may be impacting his prospects.
– Despite his current situation, Wentz has already secured a lucrative contract in the NFL.



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