ChatGPT vs Google Bard: Which is best? We put them to the check.


An AI-generated image of two robots fighting in an arena.
Enlarge / An AI-generated picture of two robots preventing in an area.

Benj Edwards / Midjourney

In right now’s world of generative AI chatbots, we have witnessed the sudden rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, launched in November, adopted by Bing Chat in February and Google’s Bard in March. We determined to place these chatbots by their paces with an assortment of duties to find out which one reigns supreme within the AI chatbot area. Since Bing Chat makes use of comparable GPT-4 know-how as the newest ChatGPT mannequin, we opted to concentrate on two titans of AI chatbot know-how: OpenAI and Google.

We examined ChatGPT and Bard in seven vital classes: dad jokes, argument dialog, mathematical phrase issues, summarization, factual retrieval, inventive writing, and coding. For every check, we fed the very same instruction (referred to as a “immediate”) into ChatGPT (with GPT-4) and Google Bard. We used the primary end result, with no cherry-picking.

It is price noting {that a} model of ChatGPT based mostly on the sooner GPT-3.5 mannequin can also be accessible, however we didn’t use that within the check. Since we used GPT-4 solely, we are going to confer with ChatGPT as “ChatGPT-4” on this article to scale back confusion.

Clearly, this isn’t a scientific research and is meant to be a enjoyable comparability of the chatbots’ capabilities. Outputs can differ between periods as a consequence of random parts, and additional evaluations with totally different prompts will produce totally different outcomes. Additionally, the capabilities of those fashions will change quickly over time as Google and OpenAI proceed to improve them. However for now, that is how issues stand in early April 2023.

Dad jokes

To heat up our contest of wits, we requested ChatGPT and Bard to jot down some jokes. And for the reason that pinnacle of comedy might be discovered within the type of dad jokes, we questioned if the 2 chatbots may writer some distinctive ones.

Immediate: Write 5 authentic dad jokes

Out of Bard’s 5 dad jokes, we discovered three of them verbatim on the Web utilizing a Google search. One of many examples (the “grapes” one) is half-borrowed from a tweet of a Mitch Hedberg joke, but it surely’s corrupted by regrettable wordplay that we would moderately not try to interpret. And surprisingly, there’s one seemingly authentic joke (in regards to the snail) that we will not discover anyplace else, but it surely does not make sense.

In the meantime, ChatGPT-4’s 5 dad jokes had been 100% unoriginal, all lifted utterly from different sources, however they had been delivered precisely. Since dad jokes ought to arguably be extra groan-worthy than intelligent, it appears that evidently Bard edged out ChatGPT-4 right here. Bard additionally tried to create authentic jokes (following our instruction), though some failed horribly in an embarrassing method (which is dad-like), and even put its foot in its mouth, so to talk, in an unintentional method (additionally dad-like).

Winner: Bard



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