NFL Urges Congress to Crack Down on Illegal Betting Activities


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The NFL has responded to inquiries by Nevada lawmaker Dina Titus regarding the league’s policies on betting. In a letter, the NFL urges Congress and authorities to pay more attention to illegal betting activities and allocate more resources to combat them. The league’s response was sent to Titus, who is the co-chair of the bipartisan assembly on sports betting. The NFL’s letter highlights recent efforts to educate approximately 17,000 players, coaches, employees, and others about the league’s rules on betting.

“There is no higher principle in the NFL than safeguarding the integrity of this sport,” said Jonathan Nabavi, the league’s vice president for public policy and government affairs, in the letter dated Friday and obtained by The Associated Press. The NFL also emphasized its relationship with integrity monitoring services, which help identify and address potential policy violations.

While these efforts are focused on the legal sports betting market, the NFL believes that “Congress and the federal government have a unique role in monitoring illegal operators.” The letter adds that the league has “worked to underscore the importance of federal involvement in this area.”

Inquiry and Disappointment

In her June 15th letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Titus requested that the league outline its policies following a series of recent suspensions related to betting. “When players are suspended and coaches are fired, it means the system is working. But the goal should be to halt these bets before they happen,” Titus wrote.

On Friday, the lawmaker issued a statement criticizing the NFL’s response. She argued that it fails to clarify the number of ongoing investigations the league has conducted into suspicious betting activity. “With the rise of legal sports betting, it is more important than ever to maintain the integrity of the games for players, bettors, and sportsbooks,” Titus’s statement read. “That is why I am writing to all leagues to gather information about their internal betting policies, including education and monitoring.”

“It is very disappointing that the NFL has refused to answer and instead has shifted the focus to illegal betting in sports as a whole. It makes one wonder what they are trying to hide?”

Key Takeaway

The NFL has urged Congress and federal authorities to prioritize cracking down on illegal betting activities. In light of the league’s recent efforts to educate its stakeholders on betting rules, the NFL believes that federal intervention is necessary to tackle illicit betting markets.

Facts about the NFL’s Betting Policies

  • The NFL has approximately 17,000 players, coaches, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • The league prioritizes safeguarding the integrity of the sport above all.
  • The NFL engages integrity monitoring services to identify and address possible policy violations.
  • Congress and the federal government have been urged by the NFL to take action against illegal operators in the betting market.
  • Nevada lawmaker Dina Titus has criticized the NFL’s response for failing to provide information on ongoing investigations into suspicious betting activities.




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